Tee Shirts!

I love to laugh and share the laughter, so I’ve started creating my own tee-shirt designs. And since Zazzle is such a great print on demand facility, I’m offering most of my designs through them. (If you’re curious about that decision, check out Why Zazzle?) But I’m not exclusive to Zazzle. Other print on demand sites have their advantages, so I’m expanding. Currently, I have some of my designs available through TeePublic, TeeSpring and RedBubble. I may add other POD sites, like Threadless, Society 6 and others. As you browse the designs below, the detail page will show which sites the design can be ordered through. Based on what you’re looking for (or where you’re coming from) you can pick the best option for you.

The LoneWolfMuskoka Tee Emporium storefront at Zazzle has many of my current offerings available there!

LoneWolfMuskoka Tee Emporium at TeePublic is another place to get my tees!

LoneWolfMuskoka Portfolio on RedBubble is another site where you can browse for my designs on many different products!

Our Designs

Cherry MishmashCherry Mishmash

The Cherrys want to send you a Christmas greeting, but as usual, they get things a mittle lixed up! I guess that’s why life is a bowl of cherries.

At this festive time of year, we have the opportunity to bring joy and peace to others. Make sure you make at least one someone smile.


I Plan It When A Love Comes TogetherI Plan It When A Love Comes Together

I Plan It When A Love Comes Together

I know right? Cupid with a plan and a stogie. Join the C-Team!

I enjoy it when I can swap words in a phrase to make a whole new phrase. It’s kind of like a spoonerism, but I don’t know what the actual term for it is. But it doesn’t matter. It’s fun no matter what it’s called.


Mad Dog’s Christmas PartyMad Dog’s Christmas Party

It’s Christmas time and Mad Dog has the hot tub ready and raring to go! He’s stocked the egg nog and hors d’oeuvres. You’re invited!


Threw It On The Ground!Threw It On The Ground!

Say hello to Hector. He’s a tree frog and he’s not part of your system!

Join the craze and start throwin’

This tee shirt design was inspired by the song that many of you have heard about. It inspired me and Hector has found his first opportunity to appear on a tee shirt! Don’t worry, it won’t be his last – he’s just too cute to stay away.

Please don’t throw your shirt on the ground!


Did I Just Say That Outloud?Did I Just Say That Outloud?

Do you often speak before engaging your brain? Do your innermost thoughts become spoken word too easily?

Now you don’t have to apologize any more! Get the tee-shirt that does it for you!

Plus the pug is so darn cute!


Mad Dog’s Hot TubMad Dog’s Hot Tub

Mad Dog is a cool dude. He loves to surf all day and party all night.

But he is a little tight on cash so his hot tub is a DIY affair. Strictly MYOB.

Hot tubbing on the beach is very romantic, but you have to wonder how he gets the bubbles going. What does MYOB really mean?

Whatever you do, don’t pull his finger!


Bowl a CherriesBowl a Cherries

Life IS a bowl of cherries!

There is so much to enjoy and so much you can give to others. Beauty surrounds us. Music, dance, art, tee shirts 8=) Family, friends and friends we’ve not yet met.

So let’s celebrate life. Live every day to the fullest. Laugh, love, live!



That Which Cannot Be SaidThat Which Cannot Be Said

Music is vitally important. It allows us to express and explore things which words alone cannot.

Victor Hugo expressed this very well when he said “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to keep silent.”

This shirt is the perfect shirt for the musicians in your life. It makes a wonderful gift.


Wreckreational VehiclesWreckreational Vehicles

Did you ever wonder what they did with old RVs? Probably not, but I did.

So I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if they used them in demolition derbies?

Yes, it would!

Wait a minute… “rec”… “wreck”… am I on to something here?!?


10 Types of People10 Types of People

Meet Juan. He may only be a pear, but he’s a nice pear. And smart too.

He knows that there really are only 10 types of people in this world:

  • Those who get the joke,
  • those who don’t, and
  • those who thought they did, but didn’t!

Which group are you in? It is all about the base you know!

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