Why TeePublic?

We’ve added a storefront at TeePublic to get many of our designs. Why would we do that when Zazzle is such a great place?

Well, there are several reasons, some that are of benefit to you, others to us. But there are also some drawbacks. So let us outline the pros and cons.


  • First of all, they are able to print the designs bigger than Zazzle does. They can print 15×17 where Zazzle is only 12×14. That’s a lot more real estate and lets the design fill more of the shirt or product.
  • Their pricing is also easier (all the same price for a given product category) and less expensive in many cases.
  • For us, they provide another market that we wouldn’t see otherwise.
  • They also provide another group of potential affiliates who can help us sell our designs.


  • They have a smaller selection of products to put the design on – tees, hoodies, phone and tablet covers, mugs, notebooks and flags. Zazzle has so many more types of products that they support so we’ll have our designs there for those who want things like ties, aprons, Christmas ornaments…
  • They only print on the front of the apparel, so no printing on the back (which we want to do for some designs in the future).
  • The don’t allow customization. Zazzle allows you to add text and graphics to our design.

Other Sites We Sell On

We have our designs available at multiple sites online to give you (and us) more choice.

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