I Left My Toothpicks In San Fransisco

This is a fantastic journey through San Fransisco… at least the SF of Scott Weaver’s dreams. Even if you don’t know or understand all the history of the places he mentions as the “tour balls” roll by, this is an extremely entertaining video. Scott Weaver’s Rolling through the Bay from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo.

Drum and Drummer!

When it comes to a rock band, the drummer is often the steady center that holds things together. And some even put on a bit of a show. But this guy really rocks it! I think if he could find a way to bring the drum kit with him, he’d be moon walking across the…

When People Become Heroes

It is amazing what people are capable of when the brown stuff hits the spinny wind making thing. Check out this amazing video showing 12 ordinary people becoming heroes. I am amazed to watch how people were drawn to help and worked together as a team to rescue a man who was in imminent danger….

The Shaving Cream Song

Just a few days ago I mentioned that I was sharing some of my old favourites with the cubs and how I had found some of them on YouTube.  Well, here is the 2nd one for your audio enjoyment. Just a word to the squeamish — some of the images in this video are a…