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I love to laugh and share the laughter, so I’ve started creating my own tee-shirt designs. And since Zazzle is such a great print on demand facility, I’m offering most of my designs through them. (If you’re curious about that decision, check out Why Zazzle?) But I’m not exclusive to Zazzle. Other print on demand sites have their advantages, so I’m expanding. Currently, I have some of my designs available through TeePublic, TeeSpring and RedBubble. I may add other POD sites, like Threadless, Society 6 and others. As you browse the designs below, the detail page will show which sites the design can be ordered through. Based on what you’re looking for (or where you’re coming from) you can pick the best option for you.

The LoneWolfMuskoka Tee Emporium storefront at Zazzle has many of my current offerings available there!

LoneWolfMuskoka Tee Emporium at TeePublic is another place to get my tees!

LoneWolfMuskoka Portfolio on RedBubble is another site where you can browse for my designs on many different products!

Our Designs

Dear paperDear paper

For years I’ve questioned the whole “paper covers rock” thing. Just doesn’t make sense. Am I right?

So, now we know that the rules have changed. And Rock, Paper, Scissors will never be the same again.

Dear Paper


The rules have changed. From now on







This design incorporates the visual proof the Rock Shreds just to close the case.



Not everyone is happy about having to break eggs to make an omelette!

This little egg is feisty (would make a spicy omelette 8=), and he has a bone to pick with the guy who coined the phrase “If you want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs.” I hope you’re not that guy!

Really, be a good egg and check out this tee shirt. It’s available as a hoodie and on other products as well!


Fifty One Shades of GreyFifty One Shades of Grey

Who knows what goes on in the mind of LoneWolfMuskoka? All these crazy thoughts and ideas just jumbled around in there, bumping and crashing. Next thing you know… BOOP! Here comes a mashup (a trio of them actually 8=)

Take a popular (edgy) romance novel trilogy slash movie and watch a few too many episodes of alien conspiracy theory shows and you get

Fifty One Shades of Grey

While there are no actual novels to come with these cover images (yet ???) there is a story to be told!


Big BadBig Bad

Well little piggies, you’ll have to be extra careful with your construction from now on. The Big Bad Wolf has a new trick up his sleeve (well, in his helmet actually).

He really is a dyno-mite guy with a winning personality (and the leather jacket to match).


There’ll Be Rum?There’ll Be Rum?

Never get between a pirate and the rum! There is a special bond that they share.

There’ll be rum ye say?


I’ll be there!

Now you can show people the best way to get a pirate to come to your party!


Fifty One Shades DarkerFifty One Shades Darker

The second part of the trilogy and things get darker!

Fifty One Shades Darker

In this installment you get to know the characters a little better. Get deeper into the mysteries.


Alien abductions

Forbidden romance

It’s all there if you have the imagination to envision it. Or maybe you just like the picture. That’s cool too!


Fifty One Shades FreedFifty One Shades Freed

And so our trilogy comes to an end. Well, it has to, doesn’t it? I mean, I’m no Douglas Adams.

Fifty One Shades Freed

But it ends on a happy note. Our friendly aliens get to go home. If you love something, you have to set it free.

Hopefully with some wonderful memories.

And a promise to stay in touch.

Area 51 will never be the same.


Two WrongsTwo Wrongs

We all know that two wrongs don’t make a right. But when you think about it, two Wrights made an airplane!

This design celebrates the first powered heavier than air flight. And the perseverance that made it happen! December 17, 1903 was the fruit of 7 years of experimentation and hard work. Read about that day at Eyewitness To History where they have excerpts from Orville’s own diary!


Negative WordsNegative Words

The English language is filled with words that have either a positive or negative meaning. But have you ever noticed how many negative words start with the letters C, A, and T?


  • Catatonic,
  • Catastrophic and
  • Cat

This fun design is for those who aren’t so fond of cats, and cat lovers with a good sense of humour!

No cats were harmed in the making of this tee shirt!


Right RoundRight Round

I know you’ve had one of those days – you know, where you feel like your just going in circles?

This design is a celebration of those days. Or maybe it’s a celebration of the way love makes you feel. It’s up to you to decide!

The image for this design is taken from a patent drawing in the late 19th century. It’s an exercise machine for youth if you can believe it!

You spin me right round, Baby! Right round!

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