Wreckreational Vehicles

wreckreational-vehiclesWreckreational Vehicles

Did you ever wonder what they did with old RVs? Probably not, but I did.

So I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if they used them in demolition derbies?

Yes, it would!

Wait a minute… “rec”… “wreck”… am I on to something here?!?


This particular design has its roots in the movie RV. They put that puppy through all kinds of trials and tribulations. And it really got my thought processes running wild.

If you love RVs or demolition derbies (or both) then this is the shirt for you!

Even if you just love a good play on words, you’ve gotta love this one.

Get it on a tee shirt, hoodie, tank top. And you can choose from a wide selection of colours.

Heck, you can even get a phone case, notebook, sticker, so much more.

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