Why RedBubble?

Bursting the Bubble

Well, I’ve been running along for a while now  using 3 different POD sites – Zazzle, TeePublic and TeeSpring. I’ve finally bit the bullet and created an account that allows me to sell my designs on RedBubble as well.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the time working with a new POD, but I’ve just about given up working with TeeSpring so I figured it was time to try something new and let that one coast for a bit.

RedBubble is based out of Australia (with an office in the US) but they have printing facilities around the world. So they have a lot of different products to put the designs on – not as many as Zazzle, but better than TeePublic.

Advantages of RedBubble

  • They have a broad range of products to put the design on. And not just clothing.
  • Customers can order and have it shipped right away. No waiting for campaigns to finish.
  • A strong affiliate program means that others can easily promote my designs.
  • The back end interface is more coherent when setting up multiple products for a single design.


  • It’s early yet, but there may be some issues with selling to Canadian customers with the HST – I have to work out how that will be handled.
  • I don’t see how I can position designs or products within the portfolio. I don’t know if this is an issue, but it would be nice to put the seasonal stuff near the top when appropriate.

Other Sites I Sell On

I don’t limit myself to selling in only one place. That gives you (and me) options. This is a list of other sites where you can find LoneWolfMuskoka designs!

  • TeePublic is now part of our sales force. Check out Why TeePublic?
  • Zazzle is the original sales site for my designs. Many of them are available there.
  • TeeSpring has many of my designs but I don’t plan to add new designs there unless I start seeing some sales happen.

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