Cherry Mishmash

Cherry MishmashThe Cherrys want to send you a Christmas greeting, but as usual, they get things a mittle lixed up! I guess that’s why life is a bowl of cherries. At this festive time of year, we have the opportunity to bring joy and peace to others. Make sure you make at least one someone…

Mad Dog’s Christmas Party

Mad Dog’s Christmas PartyIt’s Christmas time and Mad Dog has the hot tub ready and raring to go! He’s stocked the egg nog and hors d’oeuvres. You’re invited! — DETAILS — 

Big Bad

Little piggies, you’ll have to be extra careful with your construction. The Big Bad Wolf has a new trick up his sleeve (well, in his helmet actually). He really is a dyno-mite guy with a winning personality (and the leather jacket to match).

Mad Dog’s Hot Tub

Mad Dog is a cool dude. He loves to surf all day and party all night. But he is a little tight on cash so his hot tub is a DIY affair. Strictly MYOB. Hot tubbing on the beach is very romantic, but you have to wonder how he gets the bubbles going. What does MYOB really mean?

Wreckreational Vehicles

Did you ever wonder what they did with old RVs? Probably not, but I did. So I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if they used them in demolition derbies? Yes, it would! Wait a minute… “rec”… “wreck”… am I on to something here?!?

10 Types of People

There really are only 10 types of people in this world:
Those who get the joke,
those who don’t, and
those who thought they did, but didn’t!
Which group are you in? It is all about the base you know!


This little egg is feisty and he has a bone to pick with the guy who coined the phrase “If you want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs.” Be a good egg and check out this tee shirt. It’s available as a hoodie and on other products as well!