Fifty One Shades Darker

fifty-one-shades-darkerFifty One Shades Darker

The second part of the trilogy and things get darker!

Fifty One Shades Darker

In this installment you get to know the characters a little better. Get deeper into the mysteries.


Alien abductions

Forbidden romance

It’s all there if you have the imagination to envision it. Or maybe you just like the picture. That’s cool too!

Fifty One Shades Darker - Women's Tee Fifty One Shades Darker - Mug

Perhaps you’re a romance novel reader. And you love the Shades of Grey series.

Or maybe you are an alien conspiracy theorist (or even an abductee).

Maybe you’re both!

But this design is perfect for your collection. Whether you get a shirt (or a hoodie if you need to keep your identity secret), or a mug, or poster, you know that this image will haunt you if you don’t check it out now!

Although it looks good on just about any shade of grey, black is the best choice!
Hey! A notebook! Other non-apparel options are available too.
It's part 2 of a trilogy.
Mmmm. Java and mashups!
Get some for your friends and hang out together!

Make sure to check out the rest of the trilogy!

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