Fifty One Shades of Grey

fifty-one-shades-of-greyFifty One Shades of Grey

Who knows what goes on in the mind of LoneWolfMuskoka? All these crazy thoughts and ideas just jumbled around in there, bumping and crashing. Next thing you know… BOOP! Here comes a mashup (a trio of them actually 8=)

Take a popular (edgy) romance novel trilogy slash movie and watch a few too many episodes of alien conspiracy theory shows and you get

Fifty One Shades of Grey

While there are no actual novels to come with these cover images (yet ???) there is a story to be told!

Fifty One Shades of Grey - Women's Tee Fifty One Shades of Grey - Clock

So, if you’re into UFO’s, Area 51 or alien greys then this design is sure to tickle your fancy. And with the romantic angle thrown in… who knows where that could lead you!

If you are interested in more product options with this design, be sure to check out the RedBubble or Zazzle links as they have more options than TeePublic.

Looks good on a black garment - or just about any shade of grey!
Lots of non-apparel items
The first of a trilogy!
Getting you through the day!
Get the full set!

Make sure to check out the rest of the trilogy!

Part 2 – Fifty One Shades Darker and Part 3 – Fifty One Shades Freed