Bowl a Cherries

Life IS a bowl of cherries!

There is so much to enjoy and so much you can give to others. Beauty surrounds us. Music, dance, art, tee shirts 8=) Family, friends and friends we’ve not yet met.

Right Round

Right RoundI know you’ve had one of those days – you know, where you feel like your just going in circles? This design is a celebration of those days. Or maybe it’s a celebration of the way love makes you feel. It’s up to you to decide! The image for this design is taken from…

There’ll Be Rum?

Never get between a pirate and the rum! There is a special bond that they share.
There’ll be rum ye say?
I’ll be there!

Dear paper

For years I’ve questioned the whole “paper covers rock” thing. Just doesn’t make sense. Am I right?

So, now we know that the rules have changed. And Rock, Paper, Scissors will never be the same again.

Two Wrongs

We all know that two wrongs don’t make a right. But when you think about it, two Wrights made an airplane!

This design celebrates the first powered heavier than air flight. And the perseverance that made it happen!

Threw It On The Ground!

Say hello to Hector. He’s a tree frog and he’s not part of your system so he threw it on the ground!

That Which Cannot Be Said

Victor Hugo expressed this very well when he said “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to keep silent.”

Negative Words

The English language is filled with words that have either a positive or negative meaning. But have you ever noticed how many negative words start with the letters C, A, and T?


Catastrophic and

This fun design is for those who aren’t so fond of cats, and cat lovers with a good sense of humour! It is available in 2 different tee shirts styles or a hoodie. Each style has several colour options to choose from.

It makes a wonderful gift, so why not get one for yourself and one for a friend!

No cats were harmed in the making of this tee shirt!

Did I Just Say That Outloud?

Do you often speak before engaging your brain? Do your innermost thoughts become spoken word too easily?

Now you don’t have to apologize any more! Get the tee-shirt that does it for you!