Dear paper

dear-paperDear paper

For years I’ve questioned the whole “paper covers rock” thing. Just doesn’t make sense. Am I right?

So, now we know that the rules have changed. And Rock, Paper, Scissors will never be the same again.

Dear Paper


The rules have changed. From now on







This design incorporates the visual proof the Rock Shreds just to close the case.

Rock Shreds Paper! Rock Shreds Paper!

For me, the best rock tee shirts have always been 3/4 raglans. But I know that everyone has different tastes. You can get this design on the shirt or hoodie that suits your style!

You can even pick the colours. But be careful, darker colours may not show the black text well.

Remember, Zazzle allows you to customize your shirt – add your name or you’re favourite band or musician – be careful of trademark issues though 8=(

And this design can be added to hundreds of other products on Zazzle, like phone covers, hats, mugs… you’ll be surprised!