10 Types of People

10-types-of-people10 Types of People

Meet Juan. He may only be a pear, but he’s a nice pear. And smart too.

He knows that there really are only 10 types of people in this world:

  • Those who get the joke,
  • those who don’t, and
  • those who thought they did, but didn’t!

Which group are you in? It is all about the base you know!

10 Types of People 10 Types of People Mug

This design is only available on tee shirts of various styles/colours. However, there is a variation of the design that is available for hoodies, mugs, phone cases, etc. It has replaced the words “tee shirt” with “joke” to make more sense!

Check out 10 Types of People (Non Tee Shirt Version)

Doesn’t Juan look marvelous!